nema17 limited number of rotations

Hi all,

Just getting in to Arduino

Trying to run 2 nema 17 steppers with 2 A4988 drivers with nano.
and data input from LCD.

Using a sketch I found online similar to what I need

Stepper 1 is feed
Stepper 2 is cut

You input length into lcd and qty.
The length input is calculated in the sketch.

The sketch executes the feed then cut over and over until qty is reached.

It works fine until you enter a length that calculates to more than 32000 ish steps
When you enter higher than this the program just executes the cut over and over until qty is reached
Feed motor does not move at all.

I thought stepper rotation was infinite, or is that not the case?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Can't see your code, but do know what you've done wrong.

You've used int, when you need long.

Perfect. Thank you.