NEO-6M -> reset to factory settings

Hi All,

Just a quick question if I may.

I've got a student doing a project involving GPS. I've figured out how to convert the Altitude string to a variable for calculation (TinyGPS) but needed more than once per second.

I used /dev's excellent work on NeoGPS and had the thing working perfectly but then used the ublox program to change sample rate to 10Hz. Now the unit is not transmitting.

Any suggestions as to how to reset this GPS module to original - the 're' option in ubloxRate did not reset things?


Well if your using u-center (thats just a guess, you only said 'the ublox program') then use it to revert the configuration to default.

Its in Configuration View\CFG (Configuration)

There is a Ublox forum incidently.

Thanks srnet

I'll definitely use the UBlox forum now I know it's there.

As an engineer and a technical trainier, I must apologise - the absolute tiredness showed through in the naming of the program - I had changed the post to be uboxRate, not "the ublox program". Don't know why it didn't upload as such.

Most importantly, I'm going to use the u-center right now to reset it.