NEO-7-N no Satelites


I've been trying to get the NEO-7-N GPS module to work for a few days now.

Modul is from here: Satellite positioning gps module for 51mcu stm32 geekcreit for arduino - products that work with official arduino boards Sale - sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice

I've tried some libraries, but I can't get a satellite connection.

My last try was with this Code:

#include <NMEAGPS.h>


void setup()
  Serial.println( F("GPS Start") );  

void loop()
  if (gps.available( Serial2 ))
    //Get the latest info from the gps object which it derived from the data sent by the GPS unit
    gps_fix fix =;

    Serial.print( F("Satellite Count:") );
    if (fix.valid.satellites)
      Serial.print( fix.satellites );
    Serial.print( F("\nLatitude:") );
    if (fix.valid.location)
      Serial.print( fix.latitude(), 6 );
    Serial.print( F("\nLongitude:") );
    if (fix.valid.location)
      Serial.print( fix.longitude(), 6 );
    Serial.print( F("\nAltitude Meters:") );
    if (fix.valid.altitude)
      Serial.print( fix.altitude());

But as result, I get only this:

Satellite Count:0
Altitude Meters:

Does anyone have any idea how to get this module up and running?

It may be stating the obvious, but are you testing this outdoors?

Hook a battery up to the unit to keep the RTC operating whiles operating power is not supplied.

Put the GPS unit on a window sill and energize unit. Without the RTC stored with a time the unit can take up to 30min or more to get its first fix.

The unit getting a fix is not dependent on the running software.