NEO-7M Time Pulse

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I have been trying to configure a NEO-7M to have a 2 MHz pulse rate, instead of the 1pps. This is to be used in a GPS disciplined 10MHz oscillator, but I may have other applications in the future.

Using the u-blox u-center program with a Uno running as a USB to serial converter, I have tried all kinds of config settings, read all kinds of "how-tos" in the internet. But it still does not seem to be working. The config change, that is.

I can see the serial data going to the NEO on an oscilloscope, and am getting the NMEA messages, so I know the USB-Serial conversion is working.

Has anyone else got this to work? How did you do it? My questions are more general than just changing the time pulse, since in future projects I may want other configuration changes.


I believe I may have answered my own question.

I suspect that the parts I have are counterfeit

This is what it spits out on power up, in the attached file. Doesn’t say anything about being a U-blox product.

One symptom of a fake Ublox GPS is that it wont accept configuration commands.

That's what I found out.

Also, if you look at the first several lines of data after power-on, it should spit out the product ID and who made it, and the firmware version. There is a Youtube video about this