Neo-m8n gps bad/slow fix

Hi, I have a board with a Neo-m8n gps module.

When I turn it on after it had a fix previously (hot boot?) it takes a long time until it gets a fix. I put the module outside and the fastest I have seen it make a fix was 5 minutes. It would often keep the fix for several minutes and then loose it again.

Is this normal? Expected? Do I have bad luck with my antenna? Or do I maybe need to get a better antenna?

The board I have is the "LilyGO TTGO T-Beam - LoRa 868MHz - NEO-M8N GPS - ESP32"

Long fix times outside are the normal sypmtom of a poor antenna.

Those little tiny ceramic plate antennas are not very good at all, you will want to fit a better antenna.

Could be a faulty GPS or antenna however.

Thanks, I contacted the seller. Let's see what they think of the situation.

Just going to update here: The antenna was faulty. I got a new (tiny ceramic plate antenna) and it works great. I can even get a fix indoors. Kinda close to the window within minutes, further away from the window takes a bit of time...

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