Neo6M Fix issue

I am using GPS Neo6M V2 module with Arduino Mega. I have done this several times in past 5-6 years and not new to this.

However for a latest project I bought 3 new GPS modules and none of them seem to get a fix on satellites. Neither the led blinks at all nor does I get output using Fullexample code of Tinygps++ library. However they are sending NMEA sentences which I verifies using Serialpasstrough example. When I connect old GPS it works even now.

So what I have done is that using Serial pass through sketch I captured the NMEA output of the new GPS module with and without antenna. I am also attaching screenshot of the output I received using "Full Example" of tinygps++ library.

Can anyone suggest what is going wrong? Are the new modules junk?

Serial Pass through output WITH ANTENNA

Serial Pass through output WITHOUT ANTENNA

Full Example code output of Tinygps++ library.

Thanks in advance

There are signals from GPS satellites being picked up, but they are very weak and the GPS might take a long time to get a fix. The problems most likley are;

  1. GPS needs to be outdoors with a good view of the sky.
  2. GPS antenna is faulty.
  3. GPS is faulty.

Someone else a couple of months ago reported the same issue -- the pattern of data in the GSV sentence was the same: many sats being reported but no azimuth or elevation. They did not solve the problem but bought a new unit which worked.

Do you have an antenna that you know for certain is performing well? You could try that on your new units.

Take care of your antennae. They are easily damaged physically and electrically. Never disconnect or connect an antenna with power on as it is easy to create a short.

I'm wondering if that pattern of data in the GSV sentence indicates something other than poor reception of the sat signals. U-blox's exact algorithms are not public.

Have you used the u-center software from U-blox? It is very useful for monitoring the GPS performance.

And neither do the perveyors of fake Ublox GPSs publish info on their algorithms.

I suspect the firmware code for the geniune Ublox Neo6 GPSs has not been changed recently, so if its quite old and there was a real problem there, you would have expected it to be well known about by now.

However the fakers ...........

I've just got two with the description: GY-NEO6MV2 NEO-6M GPS Module
Both failed and I am preparing a dispute for Aliexpress.
One has a short circuit (probably the regulator) and the other is just dead. From the appearance of the Antenna module, these could be returns which they just keep re-sending until they don't come back.
I'll try again with a dealer I have used many times before.

Thanks Everyone. After trying for whole fay I finally found the issue. Just desoldered the UHS connector on the module and soldered the antenna wire directly. It started working. The UHS connector was faulty.
What is more puzzling is that all 3 GPS had same issue which is very very improbable but never the less. Perhaps got the cheap Chinese product.
Best regards

Is this the tiny antenna receptacle on the board? They are also called uFL and IPEX.

The ones made by IPEX are rated for only 30 insertions. Did they feel loose or tight?

Even tho they seem delicate they are used successfully in millions of devices.

This video is instructive on the nature of the uFL connector:

maintaing reliability of uFL connectors

the issue seemed to me is that the antenna manufacturer while crimping the wire just crimped a bit too hard which disconnected/broke the central wire. Removing both ends of the connector resolved this issue. This is perhaps the reason that whole lot of antennas may have got defected due to wrong force settings on crimping machine hence all 3 antennas were defected.

Have you removed the connector from all three?

It would be useful to test the continuity of the inner and outer wires from the connector end back to the soldered connections at the antenna board. You would have to remove the metal can covering the board.

These connectors are precision made. Perhaps yours have suffered from over handling. Maybe they are second hand as has been suggested.

Something else to be wary of is that it is amazingly easy to rip the receptacle out of the board. Never use pliers. I ripped it off with both pliers and also with fingernails. I now use angled tweezers to gently prise the cable off. IPEX make a special insertion/removal tool.

There's a lot of design detail in these connectors but it's too small to be obvious.

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