Neofita su hardware bus

Sto realizzando un progetto per gestire un acquario. Fino adesso ho programmato utilizzando un display già con tastiera, lm35 e le diverse uscite digitali/pwm. Stamane mi è arrivata la sonda DS1820 con tecnologia one wire e mi devono ancora arrivare il modulo rtc ds3232 e il display, questi ultimi tutti con tecnologia i2c. Come effettuo i diversi collegamenti con queste diverse tecnologie? Grazie mille.

Dove hai comprato il DS3232; io finora ho solo trovati dei moduli col DS3231.
Ciao Uwe

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Ecco le differenze dichiarate da Maxim:

The DS3232, an accurate I²C RTC with integrated crystal and SRAM, is similar to the DS3231. However, it has
the following modifications:

  1. The addition of the I²C timeout function. This limits the minimum frequency at which the I²C interface can be operated.

  2. The 32kHz output driver is changed to push-pull. This removes the need for an external pullup resistor, resulting in space savings. This also allows faster edges on the clock, along with power savings in the device.

  3. On battery switchover, the BB32kHz bit can be used to selectively enable/disable the 32kHz output.

  4. The 32kHz output on the DS3232 is designed to drive low when turned off. The DS3231 is switched to a high impedance state when switched off.

  5. On the DS3232, the temperature-conversion rate can now be controlled using 2 CRATE bits. These bits control the sample rate of the device. The sample rate determines how often the temperature sensor makes a conversion and applies compensation to the oscillator. Decreasing the sample rate decreases the overall power consumption by decreasing the frequency at which the temperature sensor operates.

  6. The DS3232 has 236 bytes of battery-backed SRAM.