Neopixel cases with adafruit mpr121

Hey guys,

I´ll would be try to connect an Adafruit MPR121 with the Neopixel library. My problem is that I dont understand how to request a MPR121 touch sensor (f.e. Sensor 5 of 12) to say that box (f.e. box_B5 with 4 neopix) first glow in white, on a second touch glow in magenta then in green … and hold this program until I press another sensor.

Another question is, how to activate the complete system (from standby / low energy mode) by touch Sensor 0 ?

You´ll find my sketch attached. Has anybody a good hint for me? Thank you so much :wink:

Neopix_MPR121_problem.ino (3.14 KB)