Neopixel code, 2 buttons, 1 potentiometer.

Hello, i was using this forum to learn and search everything i need for my project. I was looking for neopixel led code to change "mode" display the leds, like blinking, fading solid color, etc. with button. Another button for changing colors, and a potentiometer only for brightness. Ofcourse simple "delay(); are not acceptable in this sytuation so i play with millis();, had to understand how it works, i use serial read to make me understand what is goin on and what and how is ewerythin changing. I use my leds for under and back my drift trike that why sometimes led are split in half. Thanks for the Arduino forum for exist and help :stuck_out_tongue:
The code is in attachment, if someone will need it
(i delete all adnotation because i copy paste most of them from this forum and it makes no sense)

iam open on comment and constructive criticism.

Drift trike lights.txt (7.99 KB)