Neopixel driven from 2 sources - digital passtrhrough? digital switch?


i have neopixel strip around my tv frame controled by arduino w/ ethernet shield. Some basic stuff you know, color selection, brightenss, on off, some simple effects. stuff like that.

I also have AmbiVision - embedded device from indiegogo, that works like Ambilight from phillips. That also works on the same Neopixel strip without any issues. It is currently disconnected, not being used.

Now, I woluld like to use both controllers with my neopixel strip and I have no idea how to do that.
I would like to have the ability to enable/disable capture mode from AmbiVision as additional mode for my strip.

The idea seems simple - i have two digital outputs that drive WS2812b and i would like to have ability to switch between them. I thoutht about two possible solutions 1) digital passthrough, connect digital output from Ambivision to Arduino and somehow provide passthrough to output pin from arduino.
And idea nr 2) two circuits connected to neopixel and ability to switch between them somehow via another digital pin from Arduino.

But i have no idea how to bite this subject. Any ideas or guidance?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

As a first requirement the signal levels must match. Eventually use an 3.3V Arduino, if required.

Next a digital de-multiplexer is suggested, for high frequency (SPI...) signals which cannot be processed in software. The Arduino switches the de-multiplexer between the original signal source, and its own signals.

A pure software solution is possible as well, but requires some understanding of the use of the built-in SPI hardware, for receiving and echoing the original signals in pass-through mode.