Neopixel or LED strip library to treat collections of LEDs as single address

fastLED leaves the storage showing, so you can do these kinds of tricks.

And I say again that the LEDs with data and clock line can be used with no storage at all. A look at many programs shows computation to fill the buffer, then “show”. If the calculations aren’t huge, you can cut out the middle man.

You can also use a buffer larger than the number of pixels and show a subset of only the real number of pixels. This is good for some kinds of motion.


Perhaps I should start a new thread with the issue I am facing but I will say that the FastLED library is working well. The issue I am having now is that I keep burning out power supplies. I don't know if this is a result of bad wiring (working now to replace). I wonder if it could be because of the length of wire spanning the installation--I would say it is 80 meters or so. It could also be because I was not using capacitors before to smooth out the voltage. I have one supply for every 5 meters or so of LED strip. Some are 3Amp and some are 6. Any ideas on what I should check?

At the risk.of stating the obvious: check the current being drawn at each power supply…

Also post a current (see what I did there?) diagram of all the strips and all the power supplies.

And get some capacitors, srsly.