neopixel rainbow

Im building a chandelier project that I saw In make magazine (link), with a twist, I’m gonna use NeoPixel Led’s from adafruit along with the Adafruit trinket. Im also adding in a push button so that i can select modes for the light to stay lit up as, this way i wont have to reprogram the light every time i want to use it. The led’s will take some time to buy (short on cash), the test tubes were ordered from china ($5 CAD for 30 tubes) I’m gonna use 25 tubes and 25 8mm NeoPixel LED’s. have 4 modes, white, rainbow scrolling, color fade and change, black. I want to add a mode where the lights are in a rainbow but don’t scroll I’ve attached the code I’m gonna use (I have to wait for shipping on parts). The code should work as is (it compiles) and the codes was parts for existing projects. I know how to add in the new code that I would want just don’t know what the rainbow effect would be.

new.ino (3.49 KB)

Sorry Tony if I've missed something, but what was your question?