Neopixel RGB love lamp

Hi there!

Recently I saw on tiktok a project of a heart shape lamp with neopixel LED's, the video showed a guy with his couple, they had one hand in the lamp each and then when they touched themselves with the other hand the lamp started to shine (they closed the circuit by holding hands).
I wanted to recreate this project but the guy on tiktok erased his video and never upload any further information.
I have no problem with the program or the Neopixel management, my problem here is that I don't know what circuit he used as a touch sensor that closes the circuit whenever two persons hold their hands and touch the lamp.

I though in a IC 555 biastable but if there could be more options and someone could help me by telling me if there is another circuit that could function i'll apreciate it.

Come on, that is the oldest gimmick around - it's just completing a simple low voltage electrical circuit and detecting the very low current (a.k.a. ohmmeter).

FYI, you can also show the love you have for yourself by placing one hand on each pad. :wink:

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They make toys that do this. You don't need Arduino or Neopixel. Just grab one of the toys, chop off the LEDs, and attach their wires to an RGB strip.

that or he has a button under the right finger

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