NeoPixel, RGBW, anyone being successful?

Hi there,

NeoPixel, RGBW, anyone being successful?

Whatever the order/shifting is, weird colors are happening in RGB mode on a RGBW strip (kinda expected),
At least it displays something...
then switching to RGBW, any order, turns of the strip completely OFF.

I have been playing around with the timings, found one that works great with the SK6812-RGBW:
np.setTimings(1, 80000, 300,600,1250);
np.setTimings(0, 80000, 300,600,1250);
(freq, reset time, low time, high time, full bit time)
times are in nS I believe, since it matches the times from the strip's pdf.
freq is not the frequency, it is the register number for 400khz or 800khz, the documentation is terrible, seriously.

Help! I really want to use the FPGA, nothing else.

can you please share the datahseet of the LEDs you're using? we found that some LEDs require some "start up frame" so this may be your case. at the moment when you set to RGBW you have full control of the 32 bits of data being sent and i think the issue may be that this is preventing LEDs to see where is the start of the data stream.

down the page

it says: 'high starting, in order to send data...'
so I tried to have the first pixel on full, or 0, nothing changed, strip stays blank.
switching to RGB instead of RGBW displays some color all over the place (because of colors shifting to the next led)

With the adafruit library, it just works, w/o fpga but it works fine.

interesting point:
disconnecting the data pin during the transmission turns the LEDs on, all colors + white on full, the last LED where the data stopped is incomplete, one or more colors visible.