Neopixel status rgb convert to simple led


I try to revert from a neopixel code a status rgb led to a standard led with resistor on an output pin. I do understand it could start from this :

digitalWrite (PIN_LED, analogRead(A0) < myvoltlevel ? HIGH : LOW);

So currently i do have this and try to add 2 digitalwrite after, but i don’t look to work…

      Analog_voltage() > 2.8 ? LED_COLOR_GREEN : LED_COLOR_RED);

// additional code put:
pinMode(Pin-led, OUTPUT);

int voltbat = digitalRead(Analog_voltage() > 2.8);
  if (Analog_voltage > 2.8)
    digitalWrite(Pin-led, LOW);

Thanks in advance for tips…

int voltbat = digitalRead(Analog_voltage() > 2.8);

Can you explain what you expect to read from pin zero or pin one?