Neopixel through-hole issue


I have encountered a (for me..) strange behavior of the 5mm through hole diffused neo pixels.

The end goal of my project is to have 5 of those pixels connected to a Nano Every to be placed on my scale truck as the roof bar lighting.

I have connected 5 pixels to a breadboard and connected pin 6 to the data in, and i am using the 5v out from the Every.
I did not use any capacitors or resistors as I thought this is not needed for only 5 pixels.

I loaded a default Adafruit_Neopixel test strand code, change pin/pixel amount and loaded it.
Yeah! Working as a charm.

Now I took 1 pixel and extended the wires by soldering 4 wires to the pins.
Then I put back those 4 wires on the correct place in the breadboard.

After turning the Every back on, the 'extended' pixel stopped working. It does show some colors, but white is showing only for a millisecond or 2 and very dim.

I thought, ok, fried the pixel with soldering, can happen. I removed the wires (with soldering iron again) and put the pixel back on the breadboard to what happens.
All issues where gone then and the pixel was working perfectly...

I then tried by reattaching the wires and changing the code from 5 pixels to only 1 and connected the pixel directly to the Every. This worked. Nice white light which remains lit. Then I soldered the wires back on the pixel and connected it back to the Every. Same issue as before. The white light is very dim and flashes just for a few milliseconds...

The wires are about 15cm long. In my opinion this should work.

I also tried with a resistor (470ohm) in front of the Data In, but no luck.
Next test was same setup with a Uno, but exactly the same issue happened...

What am i missing here?

What am i missing here?


Taken outside in full daylight (but not direct sun) of each assembly so we can actually see how you have assembled them.

Read the instructions.

Maybe try caps across the power pins of the remote pixel. Try 0.1uF, 1uF...