NES pad and arduino

Hi, I have been looking around on the internet about controlling the Arduino with some form of joy pad. Eventually I came across this website - where a nintendo NES pad has been wired up to an arduino.

What I am wondering though is has anybody tried it ? Also has anyone got any better, just as easy alternative ideas to control the arduino with a joypad other than using a NES pad.


yea, it was the first thing i did with my arduino after the blinking led

Silly thing is, I saw some instructions on, but it didnt show the wiring and it was just one sketch, so I decided to learn how to write a library ... then found the code you mention (its listed on the playground too), which is more or less the exact same way I was doing it

But by then I had moved on to a different project and havent came back to my nes pad lib, all others work fine, but there is always room for improvement

Alternatives are just buttons, potentiometers, Playstation pad, Atari joystick, pretty much anything you can imagine

Hi, thanks for the reply ! This will probably be one of my first projects too as I don't yet have an arduino but am already planning what I want to do when I get one.

If anyone else knows of other ways of controlling the arduino that are better than this could they please say and explain how its done. Thanks :)

better really depends on what your going to do, nes pad would be fine for navigating menus and whatnot, but poorly suited for a free roaming rc device

Hi, My original idea was to control an rc car with it, but seeing as the car doesn't have speed control all I really wanted to do was make the NES be pressing the buttons rather than the rc controller. (Don't ask why I want to do this... It just looks like a bit of fun :P )

This is my post about using an old NES controller to control a servo and an LED: