Nest Hello trigger (doorbell)

I have just bought a Nest Hello that lacks any API for when the doorbell is pushed.
But it can be connected to a chime as a normal doorbell:

Now my question is how the chime can be replaced by an arduino(or similar) that can detect when the doorbell is pushed?

bottom line:

  • doorbell button to Arduino digital pin.
  • debounce code
  • sound card

I used the Catalex YX5300 sound card. Built in TF card ( the proper name for a micro SD card ). up to 256 sounds per folder, up to 256 folders. My doorbell randomly selects from a collection of gongs, bells, sound effects, movie clips, anything but ding-dong.

doorbell button to Arduino digital pin.

If this is possible it would be great! The question is how?

In my setup the source power for the doorbell is 12V AC. But it is unclear to me what kind of signal the Nest chime connector forwards to the chime? If it is just 12V AC I would need to have some pre-handling before the Arduinos digital pin. Anyone that have any ideas about this?

Seems strange I could not find anything about Nest Hello in this forum when it lacks a proper API.