.NET Automation of uploading to board

In a nutshell: What I want to do is create a .NET windows Forms application to give to my end users, that will have a list of Leonardo Firmware/App options that will allow the user to decide which to upload to the board. So could give them several options of what to flash/reflash on the board easily.

I'm trying to avoid having them all install the Arduino Dev Env to change the code the board runs.

I'm experienced w/.NET web development against databases and such but have never done anything like this.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

As the Arduino IDE is all open source, I would start here:


You just need to find which functionality you want to reimplement using .NET ....

While it has nothing to do with .NET the system in this Thread about uploading code from Geany may give you some ideas.


Perhaps you can simply use the command line parameters of Arduino? If should be able to compile sketches and I think you can also upload .hex files. If you use Process.Start you'll be able to hide the Arduino IDE from the users.

I can't believe I forgot to refer to the Arduino code as "sketches" :) I was typing that post late and was having a block on how to refer to them...

Anyway - Thanks for the directions. That is what I needed. I'll investigate those options and see which one works best for me.