netbeans and serial port communication

hello. I am new to using the Arduino and I have some doubts.

I'm putting together a car for driving AUTONUM, and I'm have to control a servo motor and a traction motor for PWM. with the arduino environment I can already control both alone and simultaneously, but now I want to implement a new system, and this has to be in c + +.

the ultimate goal and I can capture an image in real time, and draw off that image features, and with these features send data to the Arduino to control the motor and servo, and image capture and extraction of features already have them all implemented in C + + through netbeans using the opencv

I wonder if it is possible to communicate with the arduino in c + + on linux, in netbeans. the Communication with the arduino has to be carried out by serial port (RS232), and it has to be done in real time.


Well, the Arduino boards have a serial connection - doesn't sound like a difficult problem - although I've never used netbeans but I'm sure it can communicate through a serial port...

Did I miss something...?

"netbeans" is an IDE (Integated Development Environment) capable of being used to develop programs in a number of different languages (java, C++, PHP as a start, according to the web page.) Exactly how you would communicate with a serial port is dependent on which language is used, but I believe that all of them support serial ports in some way...