NETLab Toolkit for tangible interaction sketching

The NETLab Toolkit has a new website to support our hardware sketching software:

For those of you unfamiliar with the toolkit:

The NETLab Toolkit is a system for tangible interaction sketching and production. It enables novices and experts to quickly integrate hardware, media and interactive behaviors for products, installations, and research. It integrates with micro-controllers including the Arduino, and through its Flash widgets provides a drag-and-drop environment for hardware and media sketching with no programming required. There is also an interface to Processing applications.

For further information, please visit the website..

Can this be used with Linux? It seems to be based on Flash and Java, but I don’t see a Linux download option.


A Linux version is on the feature request list, but not high priority.

As you probably discovered, the Toolkit right now comprises two pieces relative to your question: a Flash authoring environment and a local server (called the Hub) that handles the communications between the Flash widgets and devices connected to the Hub.

It would be relatively easy to port the Hub to Linux, and there is a Flash player for Linux. The problem is the Flash authoring environment is not available on Linux, so you would have to author on a Mac or PC and then move the resulting SWF file over to Linux.