network based Floppy Drive emulator

So I have an old embroidery machine which uses a Floppy disk drive. It currently works well but I'm doing alot more designing and rapid printing which makes me want to get away from floppy disks. I've looked and seen that there are usb to floppy disk emulators on amazon which look like they would work.
Example usb floppy emulator

However I was wondering about the possibility to use an arduino with an ethernet shield to ftp designs to a microsd card on the arduino which the machine can access via serial. Can anyone point me in a direction that would allow this to work? All i need is to store a bunch of .dst files on a sd card and allow the machine to think that the sd card is one large floppy.

Are you saying that your embroidery machine has a serial port?

I am not understanding what external connections your embroidery machine has.

They also look like they need a “driver” so not sure if that would be possible without the full specs of your machine.

It also looks like the file system is limited too !

I can understand why you would want an alternate method as many of the commercial offerings are crazy high prices.