Network-like connections with patch cables

Hi there,

I want to create a network with patch cables (as shown in the attached image). In the image you see 9 dots with text. Those dots represent 1/4" jack sockets. Those sockets can be connected with patch cables. Now I'm wondering if it's possible to identify the connections.

With 1 patch cable I have connected #1 and #5, with a second patch cable I have connected #4 with #9. Is there any way that I can send this information to my Arduino Uno?

Please tell me if you think I'm unclear, I don't really know how to explain what I want.

I suggest taking a step back and try to explain what you want from a broader perspective. For example...

  • Are you building some part of a game?
  • Is this meant to be a training tool?
  • Are you trying to solicit help with your homework?

I have a database of art objects of a museum. All these objects have keywords attached to it. Of number of these keywords are also visible on my "patchboard". With my arduino project I want to let users of my "installation" connect certain keywords. When these keywords are connected arduino will send that connection to my computer and there Processing will execute a query that will fetch the objects which are connected in that way. The results will be shown on my computer screen...

Simple enough then, use nine digital pins. Set each of them as an output in turn, the other eight being inputs. Set the output pin high, read the inputs to see which (if any) it is connected to, rinse & repeat. The questionable part is whether your patch wires will be long enough that you'll need amplification.

Thanks wildbill, that seems like a very good solution! Looping over inputs and outputs, never thought of that.
But being a complete electronic/arduino newbie; I thought my Arduino Uno only has 6 inputs. Can I switch any of my outputs to inputs?

I assume you're thinking of the six analog inputs. I'm suggesting using the digital pins, which, given that there are 14 should serve your purpose and leave the serial pins alone so you can talk to your PC.

Ah nice, didn't know that was possible. Thank you very much!