Network ports not shown in IDE 2.0.0-beta.7

just installed IDE2.0 beta-7 and did some tests (compiles with different boards, settings and programs) downloading the programs via serial ports (COMx). I am using OverTheAir update but do not see my network port. With the older IDE 1.8.13 I can see all COM ports and also the network port. Any suggestions whats wrong? I could not find any info on the internet that this version is not supporting OTA.
at the moment its a DOIT ESP32 Devkit 1 and with IDE 1.8.13. I can see see both COM boards and a network board.
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Hi @gueweb. Thanks for giving the beta Arduino IDE 2.x a try!

Arduino IDE 2.x does not currently have any support for network ports. This deficiency is being tracked here:

You can find some interesting information on the work in progress to add this feature at that link and the link to the parallel issue in the Arduino CLI repository.