Neuro wireless transmitter based arduino

i just have started my research on this project and i really do expect to achieve it. so, in my research i have found steps to follow : PARTS: 1-- The first part of the project involved making the EEG Data readable by the Arduino by amplifying the signal using instrumentational amplifiers and operational amplifiers as well as a notch filter and a low-pass filter to make the data readable. 2-- interpreting the data that was being received from the EEG probe by filtering it a third time using a band-pass filter from 1 to 31 kHz and plotting it in MATLAB.

3-- programming the software component of the Arduino such that the wireless devices were able to communicate the EEG information.

can any one offer me his help to make progress in my work !!?

How many EEG channels do you have? Is 31kHz a meaningful frequency limit for EEG signals? Which sample rate and resolution do you need?

I doubt that an Arduino (and ADC) is fast enough for handling such signals.

thanx for coming by
for the first question actually am going to use three channels, but i am still not sure about the frequence, rate or resolution
i am sort i need some guide line because i am new in this field and i just want to have a clear picture on what should i work on