neurons visual editor

General Vision appears to have made a deal with a company called Maker Collider in China to include their software with a Curie Neuron Kit

Everything is in Chinese but you can translate it with Google Translator

They have developed a version of Node-Red for curie called SmartNode that is open source. There is a link in the page to the download. There is one example that I can see and When you open smartnode it is “wired up” with a curie “flow”

I think that there are more tutorials for using this on the Maker Collider website. Slowly but surely I have been looking at pages and translating them. I just figured out how to get to the curie smartnode site and download page after a couple of weeks looking around off and on.

I have attached a screenshot of curie-smartnode with a curie flow to this post.

If anybody finds more please post links. I will continue to do so as well

And it appears that the kit they are selling costs about $188 plus shipping. As far as I can make out it includes the General Vision curie neuron pro software.


The download link for curie-smartnode does not appear to be correct on the page whose link I included. This is the correct link.

I would also look here for more information.

There is a Facebook page for CurieNeurons Kit: Redirecting...

Also there is a product landing page for it:

There are many info and video tutorials in English.