Neurosky Mindwave RF compatible?


I recently purchased an EEG headset from Neurosky but the RF Version. I understand that we can use it to get meditation and attention levels but can eye blinks be detected? And what are the header files compatible with the RF version? Such as Brain.h and Mindwave.h are they compatible? How can I detect that Eye blinks have been made?

well this not a very common device here in the arduino-forum.

You should provide links to the datasheet of both the non-RF and the RF-version.
And links to the libraries.

I have never heard of this before.
I was even asking myself if this is a joke?
Answer: I don't know. So please provide the links.

I guess for detecting a specific muscle-activity one way is to record sequences without that muscle-activity and with this activity and to compare the two recordings to find differencies.

I guess it depends on where electrodes are placed and how sensistive these electrodes were to detect these microvolt-potential-changes on a heads skin-surface

best regards Stefan