Never built one before building a skinner box with web based button control

So basically i want to make a type of "skinner box" except i want to be able to give a treat to my chickens via a button online where it would release some treats via some sort of auto feeder, not sure if i should build that myself yet, or just buy an auto feeder and try to modify it. So basically im pretty good at building stuff, but i really need to know what i need so i don't by something useless to the project, and that i have everything so i can sit down and finish it within a day or two and not have to wait on ordering more parts.

Any suggestions on how to go about this?

Online, you'd probably need an Ethernet shield (or wi-fi) a relay and a coil or a stepper motor and a power supply good enough to power it.

If your Arduino can remain connected to a computer and the computer is running the web site then you can control the Arduino via serial commands (through the USB connection). No ethernet shield would be required in that respect.

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Just setup a random reinforcement schedule so the chickens will develop "religious" behaviors.

Chagrin: I notice that "" is unregistered. You might want to grab that -- could lead to excellent ad revenue possibilities.


I don't see the possibility of having a server close to where the chickens live... but it's still a possibility.

This is a really cool idea. If you really want to do it, the folks on this board will totally help you on it. Let me start you off with a few questions that matter a lot.

How far is the coup from power? Do you have something like a light to scare off the 'coons nearby? How far is the coup from where some computer stuff is plugged in. Like, do you have an ethernet plug somewhere nearby? How hard would it be to run some wires to it. Sunlight? Maybe solar power is possible to recharge batteries.

See, the feeder has to be with the chickens, but the arduino can be somewhere else. Suppose you built a screw driven conveyor that dropped corn and ran wires from it to the house? If that's too hard or not fun enough, how about an XBee on the feeder with a little control circuitry that is wireless to an Arduino in the house. If that isn't fun enough, put the arduino in the coup with the feeder hook an XBee to it and another one in the house hooked to something on the web.

Webcam? You simply got to have a webcam ! We would all want to see how fat we could make your chickens.

Think about the physical aspects of doing this. The electronics will be based on how you think it could be done the best.