Never used Arduino b4, making it drive 370 motors for car

I'm starting to use adreno and trying to make a remote control car that uses 370 motors. Not precisely a car actually a tank. But whatever, it's the yahboom tank kit. I was hoping to use the combination of an arduino board, a raspberry pi, the base to the yahboom kit, and the 370 motors it came with in order to make a more precise wifi controlled tank with a camera that has a moving gimbal. Ptz or whatever using servos somehow. I thought a pandemic would be a good time to learn this stuff, can anyone point me to resources to learn how to do this? I just began learning Python by watching YouTube videos. Also I think I may need a motor controller board as well or something.

start by blinking leds and learning C and C++ and the Arduino environment...
There are zillions of tutorials out there, including on this forum. Start from the start, don't cut corners.

as a side note - What are you planing to do with 370 (!!) motors ? how will they all be powered ?

PS: isn't that yahboom kit a 'Microbit' thingy ?

Let me guess that the OP means some smaller number of 370-sized brushed DC motors (Mabuchi/Johnson numbering system). Since they can take 5A or a lot more each depending on load then motor drivers will definitely be required. And not the ancient L293/L298 type either.

Other than that the plan seems a bit unclear. No idea what "Ptz or whatever" means. Don't know where an Arduino AND a Raspberry Pi fit in. Never heard of a yahboom kit (a link might help).

But I agree that if you want to do something with Arduinos then starting from the basics helps. Working through some of the example programs that come with the IDE would be a good start.


Let me guess that the OP means some smaller number of 370-sized brushed DC motors (Mabuchi/Johnson numbering system).

I kind of assumed that the 370 wasn't an actual count of motors. Surprisingly, I'm a little disappointed to have that confirmed :wink:

"But whatever, it's the yahboom tank kit."

Do you have the kit, and if so, what components does it contain? If it is a "kit", then first build the kit and then go from there.

No idea what “Ptz or whatever” means.


More likely simply PT.