Never used Arduino before

Hi folks
Apologies... I'm not a programmer nor an electronics guy but I could use some help please. I bought a diy electronic drum kit from an online electronics store out of Canada. They supply the "brain" and the 6 piezo sensors for each drum (or pad). you have to make the pads yourself. The brain turned out to be an Arduino. So I made the pads and soldered the sensors and wired them into the 6 slots in the Arduino. Now...although the arduino is programmed as a drum kit each pad needs to be configured for Midi.
I downloaded an arduino IDE and opened the sketch for the drum kit. So far so good.
But when I try to upload the sketch I just get a time out and errors. I did a copy/paste of the error and sent it the company i bought this from. It will naturally be next week before i hear anything.

In the meantime..Im reaching out to you guys for any help please. When I open the IDE and use the tool to "Get Board Info" it doesnt know what board I have. And I dont know what board I have either.
Is this why the sketch is not uploading? Do I have to select the correct Arduino from the tools menu in order to upload the new edited sketch? The company "spikenzielabs" dont seem to be too sure themselves what model Arduino I have even though they sold it to me. Great. The only piece of information I can give you is that it is a Atmega328. Im running this on win7 and when I plug the Arduino into the laptop via the usb cable it shows up in device manager as USB serial port com4. I have the IDE also set to com4. Any tips at all in uploading the sketch to the Arduino would be great. Thanks guys.

You may well be in the wrong section here too.

That said a picture is worth a thousand words so if you can include one in your next post that would be great.

Have you got the correct programming port FTDI adaptor or does yours have its own USB connector ?

If its is showing up as COM 4 chances are good you just need to select the correct board type.
Start with the UNO/GENUINO as that is a more common choice.

Thanks Bob. Sorry if i put this in the wrong section. I'll try the UNO. The company did indeed supply me with an FTDI cable. I'll try attach a pic and hopefully a copypaste of the log error if no joy. Thanks again.

Do I have to select the correct Arduino from the tools menu in order to upload the new edited sketch?

Yes you do, you will also need to ensure the correct serial port of your FTDI connector is also selected.
I'm at work and the 'spikenzielabs' site is blocked so cannot help you further at the moment.

If what you have is a Spikenzielabs "Drum Kit -Kit AI" then you don't actually have a standard Arduino. What you have is a few bits of what an Arduino would normally contain built into the board. And I couldn't find any clear instructions on their website to tell you how to persuade the Arduino IDE to deal with whatever it is trying to be. Perhaps someone more experienced than me can work it out.


If this is your controller board:

Then you do not want to use the UNO board type.

Select the board type "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini" with the processor type set to "ATmega 168 (5V, 16MHz)"

That's assuming they are still supplying the ATmega168 as shown. You can double-check the processor type and if it says "328" instead of "168" on the actual part, use the default setting of "ATmega 328 (5V, 16MHz)".

If you still have trouble, post a photo of the "FTDI adapter" they supplied, that might have some unknown funkyness.

A second thought:

While I think the "Pro/ProMini" selection will work, it would be better to use the board type of "Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila" with the processor setting of "ATmega168".

This better matches the processor in a 28pin dip package rather than the SMD packages of the Mini. The Mini supports two additional pins that the DIP package doesn't. It shouldn't matter but it's a better fit to what the board looks like, Arduino-wise. Probably splitting hairs :grinning:

hi all. First off , many thanks to all for the replies and help. I know its frustrating for you experienced programmers when someone like me buys one of these and has no idea what they're doing.

FAO Steve. Yes thats exactly what I have. The Spikenzielabs "Drum Kit -Kit AI" is exactly what I bought.
FAO Avr_Fred. yep...that screenshot you took is my board for sure.

I agree, their web site is not very clear at all as to how you upload the sketch. The best thing for me to do next is try the various options you have all suggested above in relation to selecting a board via the IDE.

You know an electronic drum kit would have only set me back 200 euro or so. What was i thinking :frowning:

But building your own and being able to understand what you did and maybe hack it to go further...

Well thats priceless right there.

I picked up a yamy midi drum set with built in preamp for $25 CDN in a second hand shop about two years ago.
It was subsequently hijacked by my son.

Thats true Bob. What has me frustrated is that I got better help here than from the sprieks crowd. I mean they sold me the kit and they dont know what board it is.

Big shout out to Fred who advised I could try the Pro / pro mini.
This worked Fred and the sketch is uploading now with now errors. It's still not talking to my DAW though so there will be a lot of messing around with midi settings etc. But I think the ball firmly goes back to Sprieks lab at this stage.

Thanks a mill guys for the help here. Really appreciate your time and help.
Have a great weekend.