New Adafruit 2.8" 18-bit color TFT LCD with touchscreen and UNO

I have the new 2.8" 18-bit color TFT LCD with touchscreen breakout board from adafruit. The example software uses the arduino duemilanove and of course I have something just that little bit different. I'm trying to use the UNO.

Has anyone been able to get the UNO working with this display? Here is the demo software:

Thanks, Kevin

Once you are inside a sketch (or library code) code, there is no difference between a Uno board and any other arduino avr 328 board (running at 16Mhz). The shield pins are also identical between older and newer boards.

The only significant difference with the Uno is the USB serial converter chip used and the bootloader code used to upload sketches.


Thanks for the info... I'll look elsewhere for the problem.

Take care, Kevin

What is the problem exactly? Does the backlight light up? Do you get garbage?

Funnily enough I got one of them in the mail today. And when I followed their instructions it just stayed blank.

But then I read the sketch in the library I downloaded, which was this file:

That is something to do with LED strips.

They gave the wrong link in their tutorial, lol.

This is the correct one:

If you install that instead, it works nicely. Looks pretty cute. Oh, and I am using a Uno.

LOL. That is what happened to me.... Playing with the Arduino in-between laying down ceramic tile on the basement floor isn't always a good idea... The floor looks good but the display was blank. While reading the library I thought it odd that it kept on talking about hundreds of leds... I bet it will work better when I put the right software in...

Thanks for the heads up.


Yep... Works so much better now.

Take care, Kevin