New AnalogChannelDelay() function ...


Add another function called: AnalogChannelDelay( Channel, Delay )

If this function is NOT called then ... the AnalogRead() function performs "as-is". This gives us 100% backward compatibility.

If the AnalogChannelDelay( Channel, Delay ) function is called then ... SAVE the "Delay" value in the AnalogChannelDelays[] array that is indexed by "Channel".

When it is time to do an AnalogRead() then ... Delay X microseconds per the AnalogChannelDelays[] array between the MUX Channel setup and the Analog Start Conversion.

This will allow me to adjust each analog channel with the delay needed per that Channel's resistance.

Example: CH 0 with 10K = 0 usec delay CH 1 with 100K = 10 usec delay CH 2 with 1Meg = 150 usec delay

Sending a Delay value = 0 makes that Channel work normally again, ie no delay.

Sounds interesting,

Do you have an implementation to share?