New... and need a bit of help.

So, I got the duemilanove for christmas last year, and other than basic stuff haven't really had time for it... but I am looking for an ambitious project.
I was wondering if it were possible to interface the output of the arduino (coming from an analog, multi turn potentiometer) to your computer in the form of a game controller... I am looking to make a flight sim yoke and rudder pedals, I have mechnaical means I am just looking for the software needed.
Thanks for any and all information, and I am pretty sure this is where this belongs. ;D

Yes, you can. but it will be a lot harder than you expect because the Arduino doesn't present itself as HID (Human Interface Device) on the USB so your PC recognises it without drivers as a joystick. There are some solutions for this, but it's not as easy as you'd think. Search for "Arduino HID" and you'll find a lot more data.

Attaching the gear, reading the position etc is then the simple part.


You might want to look at this:-
an Arduino in the prototyping area of a CUI, which does look like an HID device.

Thankyou all very much... This "HID" seems to be what I was looking for...

Another option - the new Arduino Uno has a different USB chip which can be setup to emulate just about any USB device....including HIDs

which can be setup to emulate just about any USB device

I think you are jumping the gun here. There is the potential for re programming it to emulate SOME USB devices including HDI - BUT - no one has written any software to do that yet. Do you fancy doing it?

No. Just wishful thinking. :slight_smile:

So not:-

Another option

then is it. :wink: