New and needing help.

Hey everybody,

I can't get the arduino software to open on my computer. I'm Using windows 7 and have downloaded Arduino 0022 several times. none of them work. i even tried version 21. I keep getting a "Launch4j" window saying that an error occurred while the program was starting. I'm new to Arduino and feeling in over my head. Any help would be appreciated.


Just tried that and there was no change. thanks for the help though.

I didn't delete the arduino files the first time. I have now deleted all the arduino files and java and reinstalled them both and it still doesn't work. I'm getting Java 6 26 though. Thanks again.


I was unzipping directly to the desktop. I uninstalled, started over, trying it your way and still nothing. Exact same result.


I have surrendered. After a couple days of battling I got it running on another machine on the first download.

So I have made the switch. Thanks for all the help.