New Arduino 2560 Mega Clone

DomCo Electronics, Inc. is making a miniature Arduino Mega board fully functionally and smaller then the Arduino Uno. It's called the Mega Cube and they are taking pre orders for $45US. If anyone is interested I'd love to hear feedback on it. Here is the link to it:

Cool. Looks like what I was planning on doing with a Schmartboard & a Mega.
I bought a couple of parts, haven’t gotten to assembling one yet.


I"m looking for pre orders. I need to build 50 of them to break even at the $45 dollar price point if anyone is interested in buying them get in touch with me but one advantage of mine VS the Schmartboard is that all the supporting components are on the board, Voltage reg, caps, res, diodes, xtal, everything you need to embed a mega in your project =)

The schmart board has lots of pads & holes. Figured I'd get all the few components needed installed right on it. Go with external power source, fuse, diode if needed.