New Arduino blog, discusses H-bridge motor controller

I've started a new Arduino blog at

Some of my first posts have been about a PC board I've been designing (hexmotor) that provides 6 Infineon TLE-5205-2 H-bridges as an Arduino shield. I expect the boards to arrive in about a week, but I'm having trouble finding the TLE-5205-2 parts (Digi-Key had them when I started the design, but is out of stock now, and don't know when they'll be able to get more).

Does anyone know of distributor that might have a dozen TLE-5205-2 H-bridges?

Arrow seems to have them in stock, though as KE7GKP noted it does seem to be on the road to obsolescence. Perhaps Infineon has a replacement part that is intended to be a replacement?

-- The Ruggeduino: compatible with Arduino UNO, 24V operation, all I/O's fused and protected

In the past I looked for that h-bridge but couldn't find them. May be time to wipe out Arrow Electronic's remaining supply.

I solved the problem by switching to the TLE-5206, which DigiKey still has in stock. Infineon has no information on their website about what products they are discontinuing and they still have the TLE-5205 up though they haven't made any for a year, so it is hard to guess what parts (if any) of theirs are safe to design with.

Redesigning around the TLE-5206 was tricky, because it has a different pinout than the TLE-5205, but it turned out that I could use the same PC board, just changing some OR gates to XOR gates.

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