New Arduino board from India

Hi guys. I am excited to share my experience with the new Arduino clone that I bought from Mumbai (INDIA). It should not be called a clone actually. Its quite different but still the same.
The manufacturer is entesla:

They have both atmega8 and atmega328 version. I bought the Atmega328 version since its just 200 bucks more. By the way the board is ENTUINO:

Something different I noticed about the board is:

  1. 4 mounting holes at the corners. It gives you better hold if mounting in a box.
  2. dual breakouts. You can put an extra male berg or use it as test points if you want.
  3. extra vcc and ground pins.
  4. uart breakout (RX,TX,VCC,GND) too given seperately for interfacing with other serial devices directly.
  5. On-board battery charging circuit. This is the best part.. I can power the board using a 4.3V lithium ion battery and also charge them using USB. This is great if i am carrying it for demonstration in my college.

BEST thing is the cost. Just under Rs.1000/- compared to the original Arduino which is almost Rs.1800/- (double)
They have also manufactured a shield called Sensio. I will buy that next when in my budget.
I bought the board after reading this post:
Please post your Arduino variants. We should share it so that it is useful for beginners.

The INduinoX clone of is nice and is just a much much better version of Arduino UNO Rev 3.It even has the same bootloader in its ATmega328 as the UNO Rev 3.IT costs just 1.2k Rs.

Nice observations Phreak. I also came across an ENTUINO KIT that is sold by entesla. It has a sensor shield and compliments well with the Arduino Culture.

@InduinoX: Dude your just trying to market your stuff which is not competing with Arduino at all. Although it is a little lesser in cost but the quality and design doesnt seem great. I would rather spend few hundreds more and get a better tool. No compromise on quality if affordable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for being harsh but your post was out the blue pure marketing

@InduinoX: Sorry man but seriously what is this water bath test , throw test etc on your website. It is kinda funny. Why ?? Why? do you need to conduct such tests on a poor development board. Its not an Apple or Nokia Phone. It just is not practical enough. But seriously I am still puzzled how the water test went clean without problems. You have taped the board all over probably. That is kinda Gay. :zipper_mouth_face:

I am tempted to comment the same on your Youtube video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, First of all , I am not by any means related to simple Labs(who clone the induino X) except that I am their customer.I have that username bcz I own that board and it was the only name available to me easily.My name is Kathir and I did not get any such username as available, so i thought of this.I know that this clone is not up to that of an original arduino, but is enough for learning and this my first such board.That water bath was real, I saw it in my eyes in their centre before buying it.And it is just a protective measure( a JUST IN CASE) and are not meant to be used intentionally.

@phreak, I own the Sensio but I am not sure how to get it working. It just says “Short the jumper as per the peripheral”. I am bit confused on how to use a peripheral. Do you have any idea?

I am a Dutchman, how much it costs in euros

In Delhi you can get arduino uno clones at around 400/-.

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