new arduino conpatible board picc32mz idea


I'm an owner of an arduino DUE and found it cool, much pins and fast clock. But I was nerver develop, nether with taijuino Due to use the EMAC inside the SAM3X... This is sad because it never use the fast capability of the chip.

I follow another topic the Palliser try to ma a PHY and ethernet library working, but still waiting.

But yesterday, losing my time on internet, I found the data for PIC32MZ 144 pins ! 200MHz, lot of RAM and memory!!! and a seems better developed ethernet lib on MPLAb. and a dev board to test it:

Afer some search, it look like some work have already been done on other pic32mx to match the arduino style like Pinguino

I wonder I it is possible to do some MEGA/DUE compatible board with embebded SD and ethernet, and if people interested for devellopement...

What project do you want to implement that cannot be done with a 16MHz Arduino or a RasperryPI or a combination of the two?


It is not that it can't be done, but it work faster, more qhen talking ethernet, that's the big point. Not quite ready to learn python or linux or else to use PI.. :P. For DUE, the point is the ethernet MAC thais is not used...

I working on home temperature device, user interface trough LAN. It work by now but It could be faster...

So I just drop the idea...

It should be possible to make such a board, or even to add the dev board to the Arduino boards. It only requires that somebody finds it worth the time to build such a board, and to adopt a bootloader and the standard libraries to that controller.