New Arduino cores for Pico and Nano RP2040 Connect!

The Arduino IDE and CLI now have support for the Pico and the Nano RP2040 Connect! This was developed by the Arduino team and is available for free for anyone.

Just open the Board Manager dialog and look for their names: you'll find the two new cores. If you have a suitable board, do help us testing them! You can report any feedback in this thread. Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you want to contribute to development, the source code is located in this repository: GitHub - arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed

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Thank you, I am very keen to try this out because the Raspberry Pi solution for programming it is an absolute nightmare.

I will report back my progress and spread the news.

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OK had trouble at first but I had not restarted the Arduino app after installing the Pico, everything else seemed to work but just got a "failed to uplaod". My LED is blinking away happily.

@Grumpy_Mike Can you try running ~/.arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/mbed_rp2040/1.5.2/ ?

This should only be needed once

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But how can we test the RP2040 connect when they are not for sale anywhere ! And every week I ask your marketing team via twitter and they say its not released yet!

Hi @lancelong. As mentioned above, in addition to releasing the Nano RP2040 Connect core to give the community the opportunity to get involved with the development of this open source software, Arduino has also created and released a dedicated core for the Raspberry Pi Pico. So if you happen to own a Pico, you can try out the new "Arduino Mbed OS RP2040 Boards" core and let us know what you think.

Is there an “intro to mBed for arduino users” document around somewhere?

Not that I know of - but it's a bit off topic in this thread. I'd recommend posting a separate request, also explaining better what in particular you'd want to learn. Anyway, mbed is the underlying layer so an average Arduino user doesn't even need to know about it, unless they want to access additional low-level API calls provided by mbed.

The need to call this .sh file or .bat on windows should be advertised more clearly. I was stuck for quite a while wondering why I couldn't upload. Once ran, everything worked perfectly and I had fun getting my pico to play tones.

Thanks for the core. It is much easier to setup the arduino core than the raspberry pi software on windows.


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