New Arduino IDE (C++)

Just some old project I found on google while searching for my site. I'm thinking of continuing and posting the code on

The old description:

-- I'm trying to make my own Arduino IDE : ArduinoStudio.

Expected features:

  • All of the original Arduino IDE
  • - Sketch system
  • - Preprocessor
  • - Uploadbutton
  • - Serial monitor
  • Advanced code editor (Scintilla)
  • Command line preferences
  • MDI
  • Library creation
  • PROGMEM compiler
  • Subversion
  • maybe: Debugger / Simulator based on arduemu

The IDE is in C++ using Qt framework

Please tell me what you think of this idea. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Launchpad: openSUSE build service:

Please tell me what you think of this idea.

I think having a bunch of half-completed and abandoned alternative IDEs is not particularly useful... if you want new features, it would be better to figure out how to add them to an existing IDE (Arduino, or Eclipse, or whatever), even if you can't get it accepted to the main source base and have to distribute it as patches.

Yes great idea. I would love to see this tool produced. All the other tools have been around a long time and in general seem to move forward in a very slow and cumbersome manner.

To answer you both. I understand that half finished or old projects are not that handy. I can't say how much effort I will put into this as it wasn't my plan on starting it again (just found it on the internet). But for those interested, you can use launchpad to help with the programming. If your changes are good, I will definitely merge them.