New Arduino Mega Idea (Ethernet, USB, more), need some support

I am using Arduinos for a while and i thought of a new Arduino Mega. Here are my ideas for this:

New functions:
USB Host (MAX3421E)
USB Device (32u4)
Ethernet (W5500)
SD Card
Use the 32u4 as fully compatible Arduino Leonardo optinally
Full 32u4 breakout
FTDI on Serial1 with new Mega Bootloader
Mp3/Wav Out (chip not sure)
MSGEQ7 Musicvisualization IN
Realtime Clock

On/Off switch
Turn on/off functions to save power
Autoreset jumper
Optional 3.3V logic I2C to connect to a Raspberry
Changeable SS pins
I2C and SPI of the 2 uC connected for new Firmwares

More power
New W5500 Ethernet chip (unique but fully compatible)
More functions
2 Arduinos in one
All in one PCB, thinner
No need to buy from different seller with a lot shipping costs

What i can do:
Bootloader for the 32u4
Bootloader for the Mega
MSGEQ7 library
Ethernet Examples (IRC chat bot)
Example codes for several stuff

What i need:
PCB designer
PCB Manufactoring
PCB solder (got a contact for soldering the prototype)
PCB selling (probably kickstarter or a company)

It will have an integrated Ethernet shield (W5500) with sd card, USB Host like the ADK, a bigger USB chip (32u4) with breakout of all pins, a 2560 as main chip, with breakout of all pins (the missing one) too. To Serial1 a FTDI is conencted to get another Serial output to USB. Later on one could change the 2560 Firmware to be able to upload via Serial1 and ftdi too. The idea is to use the 32u4 as fully compatible Leonardo board as well if the user wants to. Otherwise it will provide USB programming and USB Device/Serial tasks (expandable with new firmware).

The 32u4 will also give us more flexibility. More ram, more flash. It can be used as HID. See my HID Project for more infos, ive already done this: GitHub - NicoHood/HID: Bring enhanced HID functions to your Arduino! We could connect I2C to get this working better. Also we could connect SPI to use this for programming new Arduinos. (Its in work for the Hoodloader). Advanced users could modify the Bootloader to do several different stuff.

You could also add other things like mp3 support and all that stuff but i dont know how much space it will take on the PCB and how usefull. There are several other things that you might want to add, just post ideas. I think this would be the most powerfull Arduino since it can handle Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, SD storage and Serial output via Serial1.

The decision for a "normal" Mega was because: its powerful, one of the most standard sothere are many examples, a lot of flash/ram for the extensions, it has 5V logic and its a simple microcontroller. No ARM, no 32bit but still so powerful and flexible due to a lot community support. No need to change anything in the IDE, no need to install any new driver!

Now what do you think? Is anyone interested in helping me with this? Sadly ive no idea about designing PCBs and not much about electronics. I'd be afraid to design something "bad" that doesnt work. I'd do the Software part for sure. As you can see the USB HID stuff is already working and ICSP should be possible.

Similar Arduino Hardware:

It sounds like you want to create something in an Arduino Mega footprint with USB and other goodies. Maybe if you chose another AVR that would help get you to these features would be easier than putting two AVRs on a single board? Like maybe you can just focus on getting the arduino bootloader onto that chip instead of worrying about interfacing those two AVRs with each other.