New arduino nano, sketches not working?

First of all I bought this item : to be exact.

I tried making a simple blinking program and the sketch uploaded successfully but my LED was just on all the time, delay was set to 1000(ms) on pin 13, then I tried pin 2 instead and I got no signal from there but there was still a signal from pin 13 that I tried earlier,do I need some special drivers or what could be wrong?

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Your Nano has the CH340 chip which needs driver installed in Windows.

Alright thanks! Now my second problem would be soldering the pins that came with the nano, any tips how to do that? I've seen tutorial which use some kind of liquid on the are they are going to solder to make it easier for the solder to stick sortof any idea what I'm thinking of?

You're talking about flux. There are tons of video tutorials about soldering.