New Arduino Profile and Forum Profile separated usernames now?


Today, I noticed when I logged into Arduino forum it asked me to create new account and I created one, then I found the original username ( Arduino Profile ) cannot be used for forum.


I not sure why there is two accounts now, one for Arduino Profile and the other one for Forum Profile.

I cannot edit all my previous posted forum messages now as is under “rickygai” and the Forum Profile username currently is “rickygai1” such as the link HERE.

When I try to change under Forum Profile from “rickygai1” to “rickygai”, it mentioned the name had been used.

pert, can you help to reset my account to use the primary arduino profile “rickygai”, as I am now as new user, cannot post more than two links.

Please help.

Hi @rickygai1.

It sounds like you now have two accounts. My advice is to try to log in to your original account. That account should have full access to the Arduino forum, just like always. All previous forum members were migrated to the new forum framework.

hi pert, I have logged in using original account to Arduino Profile and it asked to create a new account for forum. Later, each time I login using Arduino Profile account, the forum account “rickygai1” is automatically used and I cannot change the username to “rickygai” as shown below:

However, the Arduino Profile page information is the same.

Please check the email you registered the original @rickygai forum account with.

OK, I see the email bounced. I guess that might be related to your problem.

Please help to reset my account back to Arduino Profile only. Thx.

You can contact Arduino support via this form:
Maybe they will be able to help you out.

Thx, I just submitted the issues I am facing.