New Arduino Programming

Hi, am rather new to programming an Arduino board but would wish to get started with hands on coding for the best learning experience. Can anyone help on the best Arduino board I can start with. Am looking at starting with control of inputs and outputs for both analog and digital. thanks :)


Best to start with the Arduino UNO or Duemilanove.. lowest cost and lots of capability and options.

To start with, see the ArduinoInfo WIKI for lots of information.

Here's a good starting place: YourDuinoStarter This shows the components provided in a specific Starter Set (This One: MAKER Version YourDuinoStarter Set But you can use any Ardruino and similar components.

Here's a comparison of many different "Starter Sets": StarterSetsComparison

Don't worry.. just get started!

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I recommend this book, it was the first one I bought. It's cheap:

I would get it with this:

Thanks very much Terryking228 I’ll into the material worry not if its in your shop XD.

@JoeN thanks for the recommendation I’ll definately give those a look.