New Arduino User - Win10 won't detect device

I purchased a OSOYOO Pro Micro - ATmega328 Pro Mini. (pic attached).
I didn't know I would need to do any soldering. This is the first time I've bought anything like this. Do I have to solder both sides of the pins on the board in order for it to be detected by Windows 10 or to work at all? I want to use it to install Amplified IT's Centipede software on it for Chromebooks.

I went to this page: Arduino Cloud - Getting started , and downloaded and installed the plugin. Ran the plugin and clicked start.

I clicked on the "Auto Detect Arduino" button (as I didn't see my model # in the list).

With the Arduino plugged in securely with the USB, the lights appeared on the Arduino, but it doesn't detect. I've reinstalled the software, restarted my computer, tried different USB ports, re-ran the plugin, but same result.

So, mainly, will it only detect and only work if I solder the all the pins?

hi @jotownsend

if the Create web IDE cannot see your board it is probably a driver issue or a faulty hardware.
Please refer to the manufacturer of this board for instructions on how to configure your computer/OS for it.
Although many use the name "Arduino" in their products, we do not design unofficial hardware so cannot know which USB adapter they use on their boards.

Cheap boards tend to use a component called CH340, which can be problematic to troubleshoot on Windows 10.

Your manufacturer's support forums might have a guide to make this work with the Arduino software.

Unfortunately I don't know what "Amplified IT's Centipede" is, so I cannot offer any advice about it.

hope you'll find some info about this board and get it to work with Arduino.
There's a lot of fun ahead :slight_smile: