New Arduino Zero with SWD holes silked with solder balls

I just received the newly purchased Arduino Zero today (27/4/2021), I noticed the Arduino Zero SWD interface pin holes were covered with soldering balls as shown on the red circled picture below:

This caused difficulties for me to solder a 1.27mm pitch connector later.

Secondly, the parcel shipment is sent from U.S to Malaysia under DHL eCommerce service, when the parcel arrived in Malaysia, the parcel is re-assigned as "NONE REGISTER" under USPS service ( mail drop service without the required the receiver to sign upon parcel delivers ). Luckily, I received the parcel, what if the parcel lost ? who will be responsible for the lost ?

Please advise.

You are saying that you have a solder iron but not a solder sucker ? Buy one and also desoldering braid and flux.

One minute video from Adafruit about solder pump:
Longer video with all the things:


I have all the tools ( solder, flux, wick ...etc ), but this is a new Arduino Zero bought from Arduino Store, how can its SWD being soldered ( silked ) that way and distributed to customers ?

I don't want touch this new board first until Arduino Support feedback the reason.

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The through-hole connectors on a board like Arduino would normally be soldered on in a "wave soldered", which is likely to fill any holes that aren't specifically "protected" against it, which would cost extra. I don't know whether Arduino's manufacturers ever did this, or whether they used to use a different method. I'm somewhat surprised that there is a SWD connector on the board, given that there is already an SWD connection to the debug chip...

Did you contact them? Just in case,

Yes, I emailed to directly as the page after I filled up all the fields, the submit button won't work, I already tried Chrome and Firefox browser as well.

Here is the feedback from Arduino support:

"The solder inside the pins can be removed using the soldering iron if you are planning to solder the pins later to the board. Also, please keep in mind that the warranty to the board will be lost when you add extra pins to the board."

But the Arduino support did not answer my question "why there are SWD through holes filled with solder ?".

Hi all,

I just want to say thank you to Arduino support.

Few weeks ago, the Arduino support team contacted me regarding this issues, they are sending a new Arduino Zero board to me, is in the delivery process now.

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