new arduino

I received my Arduino uno today, And it seems to have installed ok onto my windows 8.1 laptop, the driver is there for com port 3, And states it is working correctly, The green power LED lights up, but also the yellow onboard LED flashes when the USB lead is plugged in without any sketch uploaded, I have used the blink sketch, to see if it is working ok, and have managed to alter the blink rate, slow it down and speed it up on the board within the sketch program, is it normal for the yellow LED to blink when the USB is plugged in ?, many thanks in advance, Mike.B..

Both the Funduino UNO and the Duemilanove I have on my workbench both flash an yellow LED when plugged into the USB. When you download your program, you should see the Tx and Rx LEDs flash.

It's no big deal but your question would have been better asked in the Installation and Troubleshooting forum. This forum concentrates on displays used with Arduino.

thanks for the answer arloG, but mine continues to blink, about one a second until you upload a sketch, then the tx and rx flash, does yours do the same thing. and sorry about the placing of the post, new to the forum..

I've found an Uno and several Nanos. The yellow LED on the Uno remains on - it doesn't blink. For all of the Nanos, the power LED illuminates. On several of the Nanos, a green LED blinks - I assume they have not been programmed since the boot loader was burned and the blink program installed.

So, none of the devices I have act like yours. And only a few of the ones I have act like the others I have.