New Arduino101+BLE Project, take a look!

I just completed and posted a project/tutorial using the Arduino101+BLE & Evothings to control a NeoPixel lamp. I was inspired by Don Coleman’s Arduino & BLE talk at the recent DC Maker Faire.

I adapted his project and an Adafruit project to work with the 101, and wrote a tutorial on see of the key topics I learned while putting this together for th 101 and thought i would be great the share . . .

Please take a look and let me know what you think:

Great project !
NeoPixels are really awesome :slight_smile:

I am working on the same kind of project (NeoPixel Ring, 101, mobile application (iOS)) and i am developping all mechanical parts to put all items inside one box instead just NeoPixel like your project :p. I'll show you my works when finished :wink:

Thanks and I can't wait to see your project! You should post it up on it links to the Arduino project Hub!

Hi, Sorry it take so looooooong time but I actually finished my first prototype.

You can see here a look :


An android application is on progress.

There is no tutorial to make it yourself, but don't hesitate to contact me for more information !

Tres Bon! Formidable!

This looks great, no reason to apologize for the time it took. Excellent execution like this requires time! You should definitely do a write of this on It will automatically link to the Arduino project hub.

My only critique is this, if you had used a hybrid web app approach with a platform like Evothings, you would have both your iOS and Android app done at the same time! :slight_smile:

Subscribed to your youtube channel, can't wait to see your future projects there and on! :wink:

Thanks, I'll look to set my project on

But for my code, I am using Github so I don't really need Arduino project Hub I guess.

I am using native code for both iOS and Android (mean swift with Xcode and Java with Android Studio) it's the reason that it's not cross platform. I would like learn langage of both OS ;).

I am working on some projects but I really don't know when they will be available :confused: .

Finally, just to say that your project is awesome too, and I guess I'll print this ! Fully LED Home incoming :smiley: !!

A significant revision of my original neopixel lamp:

  1. Web Bluetooth API control
  2. Entirely new enclosure inspired by Chuck Hellebuyck
  3. Special effects inspired by minicarpet's neopixel project, using CurieTimeOne

Maybe I should give the 2.0.0 beta test a try. . .