New ATtiny85 chips no longer working

I have been using ATtiny85 chips for years with zero problem. Last week i bought a few more and now these do not bootload or allow me to upload anything. Does anyone know if something changed with the newer version of these chips.

Nothing significant should have changed. What is the symptom of the failure? What core and programmer are you using?

I use my Arduino as ISP and I have a header i built to flash all my chips. This has been working for me for years and wasn't until i got new chips that it stopped. (from aliexpress :-) I tried most of them with the same results. The failure is avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000

I have also tried several other hardware libs. same result. however again the old chips no problems if i just swap the chip it all seems to work.

all things equal i posted log one works one fails same settings.

failing.txt (3.78 KB)

working.txt (4.32 KB)


yeah 1.8.10 is problematic but i have a mac running Catalina and it requires 64 bit now so i can't run older versions of it. :(

djmason9: (from aliexpress :-)

Oh dear .................