New audio/Light project

Ok so I want to be able to have two things wirellessly communicate with each other to perform a task. the task being that i want to be able to plug in some type of audio source (ipod,mp3 player, something with a head phone jack and music)into a a wireless transmitter and have the transmitter transmit data to a receiver that will make an LED flash a certain color based on the frequency of the audio in the music as well as flash to the beat of the music.

I dont know what all i need or where to even begin with this except that i know i will need two arduinos to accomplish the two tasks.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as what components i would need and what information i need to research?


Can you do this with wires/a single Arduino? I'd worry about getting that working, and then figure out what data you need to send to the remote Arduino to replicate the LED behavior there. You won't be sending audio data, that is for sure.

Thank you for replying so quickly. Good point and no I can't as of now since I have none of the materials and I have never tried anything like this. I'm a complete newbie to all of this.The only thing I know is a basic understanding of c++. I've compiled a few programs but nothing that physically interfaced with something else except a keyboard. I really have no idea were to even begin so I thought the forums would be a good place to start :) Any ideas on where I could begin? Maybe a template or something? Anything would be helpful.

Thank you

The first thing that you'll discover is that the Arduino isn't all that good at processing audio data. It is too slow, for the most part. There are external hardware solutions that can perform most of the work of measuring the audio data and determining frequency bands. With one of those chips, half your work is done for you. Spend some time in the Audio section of the forum.